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Oil & Gas Pump Bearings

At Quad Industries Inc., we stand behind our promise of friendly customer service, world class product quality, on-time delivery, and manufacturing excellence for our oil and gas pump Babbitt bearing customers.

Quad's ability ranges from simple plain bearings, to customized machining for all your application requirements. Bearings can be manufactured for existing pumps, as well as, for new pump design.

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Trust an ISO Certified Oil and Gas Pump Bearing Manufacturer

Quad Industries Inc. has been ISO certified since 1998. This certification allows us to provide our bearing customers with peace of mind and an unparalleled bearing product. In addition, our team has met and exceeded the certification requirements year after year, proving our sincere and steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction and service.

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We look forward to creating your centrifugal cast heavy wall bushings at our Bradford, TN manufacturing facility. Whether you need a single bearing or a mass quantity, we’re ready to get to work. Contact Quad Industries Inc. today to get started!