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Heavy Wall Bearings

Heavy wall bearings are very similar to the Thin Wall bearings that we manufacture with the exception of the wall being greater than .187. This standard therefore provides the name “heavy wall” bearings.

Depending on your particular bearing needs, we can create heavy wall bearings with walls ranging from .187 to 1 inch or greater. This specific type of bearing is typically found in heavy duty pumps and turbines which turn slower RPM’s, yet produce more force. Please see chart for a large range of bearing diameters Quad Industries Inc. is capable of manufacturing.

See Chart

While we are not a design facility, we do have an in-house engineer available to assist you with any need or requirement you may have. Below, please find examples of heavy wall bearings manufactured by Quad Industries Inc.

Heavy wall bearings are available using the following material:
S.A.E. 12, S.A.E. 15, S.A.E. 783, 850-T5